“Also Lived” The Autobiography of a Failure by Joseph Witriol

Clicking on the links below will take you to the scanned PDF files – they may take a little while to download.

Apologia Pro Autobiographia Sua


Chapter One: 1912 Overture; Chapter Two: Parentage

Chapter Three: Early Years; Chapter Four: Bancroft

Chapter Five: School; Chapter Six: Pre-Barmitzvah

Chapter Seven: Bereavement; Chapter Eight: “The Central”

Chapter Nine: Barmitzvah; Chapter Ten: Post-barmitzvah

Chapter Eleven: More School; Chapter Twelve: Sex Rears its Ugly (sic) Head

Chapter Thirteen: Work Experience; Chapter Fourteen: Birkbeck, Zionism

Chapter Fifteen: Birkbeck (concluded); Chapter Sixteen: Hamburg

Chapter Seventeen: Grindelwald; Chapter Eighteen: Causyth


Excursus: Witriol on War

Chapter 1: Witriol, War Reserve Police Officer; Chapter 2 The Army, Blackdown

Chapter Three: Amariyah; Chapter Four: Mersa Matruh

Chapter Five: The Blue; Chapter Six: Tripoli

Chapter Seven: WOZBY and OCTU; Chapter Eight: PWB

Chapter Nine: Interrogation Officer, Grumo; Chapter Ten: Lieutenant Quartermaster, Klagenfurt

Chapter Eleven: Operation Python, Worcester


Chapter One: Civvy Street; Chapter Two: Kersal Towers

Chapter Three: Forest

Chapter Four: Of Louts and Clouts; Chapter Five: A Fool at Forty

My brief background to my late father’s autobiography is here

The manuscript of his unpublished Yiddish language book, Mumme Loohshen, is here

And more on his life and writings and the occasional musing of mine is here


2 Responses to “Also Lived” The Autobiography of a Failure by Joseph Witriol

  1. susannahfinch says:

    Well done – great to have this stuff easily accessible, very interesting. Thanks!

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